Emergency Dental Work in Broadmeadow

Dental pain is no laughing matter. Whether you have a chipped,cracked or knocked-out tooth, you understand how serious the situation is. Eating, drinking and even speaking can become painful. So don'tendurethe pain for weeks before you geta dental appointment. Call Dental on Beaumont for emergency dental treatments in Broadmeadow.


What Is a Dental Emergency? 

A dental emergency constitutes any sort of dental injury that either must be resolved quickly or causes a great deal of pain. Broken,chipped and knocked-out teeth are common examples of dental emergencies, as the dentist will need to quickly replace the knocked-out tooth or the part of thetooth that has broken off. 

Sometime seven severe toothaches can constitute the need for emergency dental work. At Dental on Beaumont, we are willing to help you no matter what dental emergency you have. 


What Causes a Dental Emergency? 

Anyone can find themselves with an oral injury that requires the attention of an emergency dentist. Your tooth might get chipped while you eat hard foods; teeth can crack or break in the stress or trauma of a car accident;and sports like rugby and football can result in knocked-out teeth.


What Can Dental on Beaumont Do for Me?  

Your first step will be to call our office and appraise us of your situation. We can provide you with instructions for how to care for your oral injury,and if a tooth has been dislodged or chipped, we can tell you how to care for the tooth on your way to our Broadmeadow office. 

 We treat all of our patients with care and professionalism,and we are even more aware of the discomfort patients with a dental emergency can experience. Our competent staff will make you feel at ease while we perform emergency treatments. 

When you need emergency dental services, call us on 02 4929 2193. You can also ask us questions online so you can be prepared in the event of a dental emergency.